☀ La BO de World of Goo est dispo !

On l’a tous adoré lorsque l’on a joué à World of Goo, elle est maintenant disponible sur le site de Kyle (2dboy) !

Et comme ils font les choses bien chez 2dboy, Kyle a pris le temps d’écrire quelques notes sur la plupart des pistes de cette BO.

15. Welcome to the Information Superhighway
I wrote this one back in high school, which makes me feel old. You can hear a nod to phantom of the opera in a section of the organ part. I had forgotten this song existed, and was glad to find it burned onto an old rotting cd-rom. I think this was the first time I ever recorded someone singing. Only the second half of this clip is used in the game.

Si le site est down tentez votre chance sur filefront.

World of Goo – Interview

Eurogamer propose une interview des créateurs de World of Goo. Comme je suis toujours amoureux de ce jeu ca valait bien un article…

Eurogamer: What was the first big evolution World of Goo took from its Tower origins?

Ron Carmel: I’m not sure there were any big evolutions. Or revelations. It was a very slow process, like… evolution!

Kyle Gabler: It took an obscenely long time to figure out how the levels would be laid out. It took a wall of Post-It notes to figure out that the game should be divided into « islands », and then each « island » would contain « levels ».

Ron Carmel: At some point we’re going to put out some early versions of World of Goo. They’re hilarious, and really not right. A lot of small steps. We were still adding and changing stuff up until a month before the release. OCD didn’t make it in until the last second. Last night I played an old version where all the islands and all the levels in each island were laid out on a single screen.

Kyle Gabler: With the giant rocket ship?


Création d’un niveau dans Photoshop

Eurogamer: What about the level-creation process? How did each level come into life?

Kyle Gabler: I try to think, « What level will look good in a trailer? » Since we have no marketing budget, the videos and screenshots have to sell the game, so the game should try to be as interesting-looking as possible

Ron Carmel: Kyle, I didn’t know you were such an evil marketing mastermind.

Kyle Gabler: Fisty the Frog got posted around the internet a lot. It made him so happy! So I tried to make more levels that had humanity, or at least giant eyes or vomiting creatures. So I would sketch on paper, take photo with my cell phone camera, and trace over it in Photoshop. And for the level gameplay, it’s similar. Sketch out geometry, try playing and see if it’s fun using just squares and circles, if so, then proceed with art. The painful part happens, occasionally, if a level is made with full art complete, and it’s still just not fun. It happened more than I’d like to admit, and they all had to get cut out of the final game.

On les attend au tournant pour leur prochain jeu !

Le reste de l’interview.